iPhone 4S Pre Orders Breaks AT&T Sales Records

AT&T iPhone 4s

In less than 12 hours, AT&T have received over 200,000 pre-orders for the new Apple iPhone 4S. More than the precast figures for the new product, AT&T Inc. have announced that this is the most successful product debut for the company to date.

With over 50% of iPhone 4 users saying they would commit to buying the iPhone 5 when it releases, the release of the iPhone 4S shows that the market has a built up demand for new Apple products. Apple unveiled the product earlier this week (4th of October, the day before the passing of ex-CEO Steve Jobs) at a press conference, announcing the pricing to be $199, $299 and $399, depending on the model in question. Features of the new iPhone 4S include new Seri voice commands and a high resolution camera, as well as the introduction of a brand new microchip known as the A5 chip, that will make graphics seven times faster than the old processor.

Apple biggest source of revenue is the iPhone, accounting for close to 50% of the companies income, and for the first time, it is available for purchase from all three of the largest U.S network carriers, the other two being Verizon and Sprint (who haven’t yet announced preorder figures).

News Source: bloomberg.com

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