Over 10,000 Facebook Accounts Hacked

Facebook SecurityA group of hackers who go by the name “Team Swastika” announced that they had hacked what appeared to 10,000 Facebook profile accounts. The hackers lured people in using phishing techniques in an attempt to pocket their personal information, namely anything that would give away their account passwords. Facebook PR announced however, that the accounts that were hacked did not belong to Facebook.

This does not represent a hack of Facebook or anyone’s Facebook profiles. Our security experts have reviewed this data and found it to be a set of email and password combinations that are not associated with any live Facebook accounts.

In reality these emails/passwords are the result of standard phishing activities where people were tricked into giving away their credentials.

Facebook Database HackThe Facebook team were able to look at the data obtained and soon spotted some irregularities. The data seemed to have been obtained from all over the world, mainly from hotmail accounts, and the passwords being used to log into these accounts were basic. Many of the passwords associated with the account were simple derivations of the username. As part of the statement, Facebook mentioned that they had no idea how the hack accessed the information (slightly worrying).

Team Swastika posted the logins online for everyone to see (now taken down), but it releases a great security risk. Many users tend to reuse passwords for different services, and its quite possible that email accounts, numerous other social accounts and (if users are dumb enough) financial accounts. Let this be a warning to always use strong random passwords for your accounts online.

News Source: techcrunch.com